Sunday, August 12, 2007


I'm back in Tokyo, enjoying (enduring?) the hot weather! For the first week or so, it was not too bad--high temperatures of 31 or 32 degrees Celsius (88 to 90 Fahrenheit). Even though it is quite a bit more humid here than in California, I didn't mind too much, and I didn't feel like I needed the air conditioning. But then Friday and Saturday, it got up to at least 36 degrees outside, and more than 33 in the house (dropping down to 30 or so at night). It was just miserable! When I tried to go to sleep last night without the fan, it was impossible--at midnight, it was still 33 degrees in the bedroom. SO we slept with the air-conditioning on (set to 29). But today it was better,, only about 32 outside and inside. Now I'm sitting here in the living room with just the fan.

I really hate using the air conditioner if I don't have to. Not only does it use electricity (and spew hot air into the air locally), it makes me feel somewhat sick if I am in it for too long. The fan is much better. I also have bottles of water and tea in the freezer. I take one of these out and put it against my forehead to cool off, and drink the liquid as it melts.

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