Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Before the regular classes start here, there are three days of Presession classes, designed to get people up to speed on particular topics. I signed up for three of them, not quite thinking thatit would mean almost 6 hours in the classroom per day for these five days. Since I have been waking up pretty early (5:30 today) because of the time difference, and staying up fairly late trying to review some of the stuff we did during the day, I am feeling pretty sleepy now!

But the pre-session ends tomorrow. There will be fireworks on July 3 and a barbeque on July 4, so a bit of a chance to relax before the classes start. (Then it will be just 4 hours a day...PLUS the extra lectures, workshops, etc. that I might choose to go to.) I probably won't have a chance to go far off campus until Sunday.

One place I definitely want to go is down to the wetlands. It is DRY here--the creek and lake on campus are actually bone dry. But this morning, walking across the lawn right in front of my dorm, I saw a Great Blue Heron. It was SO COOL... I bet there will be a lot of herons down by the bay.

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